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Corn homemade coffee

By : Mizpah J.Estrella


          Everyone were much ado of coffee that we love to sip a cup of coffee to warm up our stomach and to avoid of going to bed early for some overtime purposes.

Yet sometimes we had to ignore our cravings for some health problem,we can’t help ourselves of having such thought because of the sad stories we heard from other people who acquired illness.Well,there’s a coffee who is made of natural ingredients,it is absolutely free from any ingredients like some chemicals (given that we know the materials used)that can be found to some commercial coffee,with this homemade coffee we can have unlimited coffee and enjoy every minute of it.


Cook the grated adult corn powder in a low fire but mix it often till it gets black then remove from frying pan.The finish product could be use longer 

        Put water and grated coffee powder in a kettle then bring it to boil when done with boiling place the boiled coffee in a cup and add sugar. 

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The miracle of ABC leaves




Most of us are health concoius for we always believed that health is wealth.but how to achieved a healthy body if we are sickly.Sure we could avoid eating food that produced risk to our health, but with new high technology environment nowadays and demands of our works. It is so inevitable not to get sick also its a reality of life that we have to deal with.So we must have weapon to fight those illness.

Usually we counts medicine just to get out from pain and feeling comportable,we would spend too much so that we get healed ,for that expenses it leads us to bankruptcy yet sometimes we did not get healed.

But there are fruit leaves that could healed illness,it is proven,safe and effective.these leaves will eliminate our illness with their medicinal values.surely they would help to be relieved from sickness.these leaves are great help to every individual who had no enough money to buy medicines.



These leaves are called ABC which stands for Avocado,Bayabas(guava)and Caimito or star apple.
With their juices we would get free from LBM or loose bowel movement,fever and headache.

To prepare the juices wash properly ABC leaves,put water in the kettle and pan,bring it to boil.after boiling keep it to get cold and drink it three times a day.

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By :Mizpah  Estrella

Drinking coffee is part of our daily routine.We love to drink coffee during day and night to keep us warm and to set our  mood for some overnight works and activities.Coffee is a sort of energizer to stabelize our stamina to numerous things.But our cravings demised for some illness like nervousness that occurs for drinking too much coffee,this eliminates our eagerness to spurgled to coffee,for most of us are health buff.

grilled corn on the cob

But good news to all coffee fanatics,addicts and lovers for there is a  coffee that would meet up your craziness with coffee for it you can have sip of coffee as much as you can,it makes you fell unworry for some health problem.it is called homemade coffee that made out of natural ingredients like adult raw corn.it made from natural ingredients but it taste delicous.



Bring raw adult corn into grated raw adult corn by grinding.Afterwards fry it in a pan over a low fire until it gets burned to taste bitter.


Put water in a kettle,sprinkle the homemade raw adult corn powder gradually.stir occasinally, until it gets boiled then add sugar to taste.

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Language barrier is the most common problem during our visit in other place, we have the hard time talking to a native of such place we visited, for we do not know their language right,for this we cannot have the chance to gain friends,communicate to them.

Well such situation inspired me to write this article for I felt this will help them for having knowledge  of my native Language KAMAYO.

KAMAYO                                            TAGALOG                            ENGLISH

ATOON                                                APOY                                       FIRE

USOG                                                   LALAKI                                  MAN

BUBAY                                                 BABAE                                 WOMAN

KAMANGA                                          KUNIN MO                          GET IT

PAGAY                                                  TAE                                       HUMAN WASTE

BAYHO                                                  MUKHA                               FACE

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pilipino foods

pilipino foods

oh so yummy dried fish with tomatoes and rice ideal for breakfast.

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melon stuffed of leafy vegetable

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yummy foods

yummy foods

cakea and creamy patty

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                                           Nature is an innate creation of God yet everyone appreciates the beauty of nature for it gives us relief to the hustle and bustle life in the city.So join me in my journey to tour the Phillippines.
                                           The Philippines has 7,107 island and there are many scenic places to look over likes hills,mountains, volcanoes and beaches. speaking of beach , We have many
resort to go with like Boracay. The beach is located in   island of Aklan , which is famous for it  white sand and lively environment.it is ideal for party and recreation ,coz the seashore is wide  and large.That you can play all sport you want.
                                           In contrast to the crowded beach yet hyper boracay is Amanpulo in Palawan.The  beach Amanpulo has quite,serene and peaceful environment,for the resort Ambiance is isolated that is good for retreat and relaxation.For those who hates ocean will love the pearl farm island resort in
Davao City it is more laidback compare to the other resort, although it is located near the city But the beach will remind us the province atmosphere for the facilities, furniture   and decorIs made up of wood and bamboo,That attracts the guest and tourist.it also surrounded of a plenty coconut   and trees that adds fresh air to the beach and for the guest to breathe.

                                            Another ocean place that you will love is club Noah resort and Dakak beach in Palawan and Camigiun.it has  white sand and huge rock within the vicinity of the coastline, both beaches provides colorful locality and loaded of seafood ,you can even go fishing in the beach and cooks there.

                                          For those who loves surfing just go to Siargao island  in Caraga region so that you can surf as much as you want.the beach is  best to do such water sports like surfing,wakeboarding etc..They even conduct annual surfing event  competition that attend
folks from other country.
                                          We really loves water it is somehow our theraphy to the daily stress We get in our daily activities,so to ease that pressure.We can go to nature tripping like in falls. It is a plenty in the Phillipines.Like  Tinuy –an falls in Bislig City is a must see. Although it is instinctive
Creation in the earth but it looks like a developed one, for the formation is amazing like a mini falls materialize into a wide and huge one.next in line is Pagsanjan falls in Laguna it is a single Falls within a wide river, you can tour riding in a boat to see the whole falls.it is also famous for it become a  location to the many local movies shoot.
                                         One more falls is Ma.Cristina  falls in Iligan City  it is in the middle of a forest so you can breathe fresh air often.ma. cristina falls has river and outdoor water streams To glimpse on.Ma.Cristina Falls is the site of the  electricity power  supply  in Mindanao .
                                         Everyone has different  perception that astounus.but in Philipines there are many  wonderful place to suit your taste , like  hills and volcanoes that are so nice and adorable to  sight. Let us cite the Chocolate hills in Bohol which are made up of over a thousand limestone Georgically formation there you are welcome by a tarsier with their round big eye.We often see wide road in the city. so sometimes we missed the hilly mountain.so volcanoes will grant our wishes. Although Volcanoes are risky but  some how amazes us in other way.Just take a look of Taal volcano in Batangas for the formation that d attracts the tourist and provides source of income to the residents of Batangas. Another well visited is Mayon Volcano in albay it is famous for the view of it and the acknowledgement as the national volcano.But among the volcanoes in the country Mt.Apo standout most for it is the highest among the volcanoes in the Phillipines.it overlooks the whole view of Davao City.so  all mountaineers enjoy hiking in mt.apo.
                                  We are able to explore the place, we want to see in flesh But what bring us to other destination is San Juanico bridge in leyte,which connect Samar and leyte and the longest viaduct in the Philipines that built during Pres,Marcos term.to those who want to see Philipine eagle you can find it in Malagos farm Davao City.there you can see the Philipine eagle abode.
                                   We love nature like falls, beach and trees in there  you will amaze the trees on how they are preserve ,there are different kind of trees in the forest that is name after a fairy Ma.Makiling. The forest it is excellent for camping.
                                    Filipinos are known of hardwork and creativeness.  just take a peep of Banaue rice terraces .It is a mountain transform into a ricefield by igorots .it is  a head turner for her unique feature that attracts countless visitor .apart from providing income to sustain their daily needs.
                                  During Summer it is best to go to Baguio City to breathe fresh air and to witness pine tree swinging their leaves,The city provides plenty of spots to explore like in Camp john hay to play golf,Burharm park to go fishing and the crocked road of cannon road that excites the people during trip.

                A visit in the Philipines is a sure fun and exciting that will give us smile as we bade goodbye. We may encounter countless exertion but it pays off as we reminisce the beautiful places of the Philipines

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                                                    KAMANGAHAN FALLS

                     Kamangahan Falls  is located in Barrio Kamangahan Ban-as,Lianga,Surigao del sur.It is 4km.from the proper town.The falls is the newest addition to the beautiful growing list of beautiful list in Lianga,Surigao del Sur.

                     The falls offers a wide and huge area,there you can swim,fishing and dive for the water is cold,clean and fresh.while swimming you can hear hyms and rhymes of birds,also does fishing within the falls.

                      The falls is in the middle of the forest,there you can see untouch trees.A trees will amaze you for it is you so rich of leaves and fruits.

                        The falls is ideal for picnic,retreat and nature hopping,you can bring your family.friends and love one to enjoy the serenity and atmosphere.

                        It is more laid back compare to the other for it is not yet developed.But the beauty shines will bring memories as you go home.

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